It's said that the rich don't impress you enough to know they are rich. But the poor want to show you they are rich. Don't look rich. Be rich.

Here are ways to remain poor.

1. YOU SPEND MORE THAN YOU EARN: Spending more than you earn monthly, weekly, or daily will probably keep you poor forever.

2. YOU DON'T SAVE OR KEEP ASIDE SOME SAVINGS: Poor people don't save. You need to save a small amount continuously. You need to keep aside a small percentage of your earnings to enable it to build over time.

3. YOU DO NOT GROW YOUR MONEY: You earn and eat all you have instead of saving and investing part of your earnings.


You won't grow because you don't invest in your education. Educating yourself will increase your earning power because you will get a higher-paying job instead of staying in a poor-paying job and getting stuck there.

5. NOT ACQUIRING A VALUABLE PAYING SKILL: Most of us don't learn new skills. We don't invest in skill acquisition. You must learn skills that will lift you up financially.

6. BAD FINANCIAL DECISIONS: Because you don't invest in financial education, you make financial choices that will keep you poor. Many people are in debt because of bad financial decisions. There are people who take loans from mobile loan apps and can't pay them back, some from relatives, etc.

7. NEGLECTING YOUR HEALTH: Because you don't take care of your health, you will spend on medical issues and lose productive activities, which will make it difficult for you to work and make money.

8. BAD ASSOCIATION: Negative-minded people will talk you out of pursuing your goals. They talk you out of positive things and inspirations and always show and tell you why your goals and dreams won't work. Separate yourself from them.

9. PROCRASTINATION: Your financial potential could be ruined by procrastinating on important tasks. Don't postpone important tasks, as it will rob you of opportunities to make money.

10. FEAR: Some people are not inspired or motivated to pursue their goal because they are afraid of what people will say if their goal fails or are afraid to handle success. Thinking big and destroying fear will give your goal leverage.

These are tips that keep poor people poor. If you want to remain poor, keep implementing them. But if you want to be on your way to financial freedom, practice the opposite of the tips.


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