Buy Your Bread Baking Oven

BUY YOUR BREAD OVEN. GALVANIZED, PADDED OVEN. CHE HENRY'S OVEN (Our Ovens are used by best bakers, Sold Ghana and Nigeria nationwide)

🎓Bake Firm bread that never collapse, last long, cook evenly and chewy

🎓  Gas Economy: Uses small gas to bake

🎓  Durability: Oven is durable

🎓 Water Resistance: Galvanized material, rugged, does not spoil under rain.


🎓 Full glass face so you don't open oven as you bake


🎓 Take 70 family loaves ones.

🎓 More than one bag. Half Bag and a Quarter Oven capacity.

🎓 Rugged Glass face material

🎓 Roll oven to any part of your home, shop or bakery.

🎓 Ten Trays Oven capacity.


Order now from any part of Nigeria and Ghana.

WhatsApp/Call: +2349028854666

Download your Professional bread baking Recipes and Baking ebooks, books and video "BREAD BAKING UNIVERSITY BUNDLE COURSE". Click here 

Join our next physical bread class in Kumasi, Accra, Lagos, Asaba. Click here

Join next Online Basic Bread Class (Whatsapp or Telegram): Ghc50 , N3,000, $30 etc Click here

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Call for One on One Private Bread Baking Class in your one location, bakery, home etc. You will start selling as we kick of with your baking. All you need is your Oven and Pans..

Fee is Ghc3500 or N280,000 within Accra, Ghc4500 outside.

 Call/Whatspap: 0534397931

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