Buy Your Bread Baking Oven

BUY YOUR BREAD OVEN. GALVANIZED, PADDED OVEN. CHE HENRY'S OVEN (Our Ovens are used by best bakers, Sold Ghana and Nigeria nationwide)

🎓Bake Firm bread that never collapse, last long, cook evenly and chewy

🎓  Gas Economy: Uses small gas to bake

🎓  Durability: Oven is durable

🎓 Water Resistance: Galvanized material, rugged, does not spoil under rain.


🎓 Full glass face so you don't open oven as you bake


🎓 Take 70 family loaves ones.

🎓 More than one bag. Half Bag and a Quarter Oven capacity.

🎓 Rugged Glass face material

🎓 Roll oven to any part of your home, shop or bakery.

🎓 Ten Trays Oven capacity.


Order now from any part of Nigeria and Ghana.

WhatsApp/Call: +2349028854666

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