20 things that can prevent you from creating true success this year

See you 31st December, 2018. Picture yourself December 31st, 2018 and see where your achievements way back today are. You can create true success but it is also important you know those things that can stand your way to true success this year.

The year, 2018 is here.  The moment of Joyous,  ecstasy, celebrations in the air. Joints and Religious centers are all bubbling. Resolutions, ambitions, wishes which if were horses, beggars would have ride them, are all ringing in the heads of many.

STOP! How prepared are you for the year? Tell me. Can you dare, dream big, surprise yourself this year? Picture yourself on the 31st of December, 2018 and look way-back. Did you succeed this year or failed. 

Praying and, fasting, and the rest are all good, but the following will cause you failure in 2018 if not checked.

1. You don't believe that there is a source of infinite consciousness called God or you don't have anything you serve that is higher than yourself.
2. You don't have a definite major purpose or goal for the year but you just drift.
3. You lack self discipline and engage in excessive eating, drinking of intoxicating beverages and sex.
4. You lack ability to aim above small goals.
5. You have built a negative mental attitude about life.
6. You engage your time and energy in meddling into other people's affairs.
7. You have the desire to get wealth or something for nothing,  expressed in areas such as gambling, fraud, and dishonesty.
8. Wrong choice of a mate in marriage.
10. Wrong choices of business partners.
11. Wrong choice of vocation or skills.
12. Indecision to act on goals.
13. Indiscriminate spending.
14. Profanity of speech. Using fowl and unclean languages.
15. Lack of faith in one's self and in the future.
16. Wrong belief system
17. Lack of will power.
18. Speaking first before thinking.
19. Procrastination.
20. Greed, jealousy, covetousness and revengeful habit.

See you in 31st of December, 2018

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